New Discovery For Tab/Full Screen

I did it somehow when I tried to fix the feature of the game.

Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Rift 2: Way Back Home? [Demo V2|3/4 Done] at the Full/Tab Screen Button object

Sorry I’m a bit lazy today but what is this supposed to do?

If you want, you can click the button by the mouse or the keyboard :slight_smile:

Yeah but it just toggles full screen on and off, I don’t see what’s really supposed to happen.

just in case if the key was node paralysis that needed to send signal so you can use the mouse or you just have too much free time and you want to try it :penguin:

What do you mean by that? The grammar totally threw me off, sorry.

Well, this code is not actually too useful, I want to find some more good code for you guys so the feature of the game can be better somehow. I will try to see if there is good code that’s not in the resources

Protip: Use as little amount of behaviors as possible. The less code you have, the better it will run (and look).

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I will but little bit busy now, later

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So, does this code just allow you to toggle the fullscreen by either clicking on the full screen UI object and/or pressing a keyboard input?

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Yep, both are working, if your key [=] or [-] have some problems, you can use mouse to click, and vice versa

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Not sure why you would have issues with your keyboard, but I use the “F” key for fullscreen most of the time.

I actually developed something similar that allows you to either click or press F to toggle fullscreen.

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I know but my option is like that and my moving keyboard (W,S,A,D) is very nearly the [F] so i choose the [=] and [-]

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Me too. I just have a fullscreen button that you can click, but I added a keyboard behavior too so you can also press F. Both the MouseClick and Keyboard behaviors in mine output to a Toggle Switch behavior that toggles between playing and stopping a looping single-frame Animation behavior, whose play output turns fullscreen on while its stop output turns fullscreen off along with the animation. The animation starts by pressing F and stops by pressing F again.

There is a science behind keyboard structure in games.

Typically, if a game uses a mouse, you want most of your input keys to be near each other. Which is why most people use F for a full screen function.

Games that don’t use mouse and strictly just keyboard, you can setup the keyboard in a variety of ways that are best fitting for both you and the player.

I do understand what you mean, since the full screen input isn’t exactly a key you want to press constantly, so moving it away from your other active keys is probably a bit more efficient.
I would just make sure to label what key the full screen is either in the game itself or it’s description.

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I see now, thanks for that, I think that mostly everyone will be using WSAD in some kind of game like mine

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