New Drawing Game!

Hi! I’m Baconcat008 and I just made a Drawing Game! Its still a Work In Progress, But its Playable:

E = Toggle Pen/Eraser
Click anywhere = Draw/Erase that Spot
Cler Button = Clear all dots

Soon To Come
Fill (hopefully)

All suggestions welcom! Enjoy :3


I think I broke it, sorry to anyone who has nightmares after seeing this lol.


Oh God XD
Thats Great Lol (:

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excuse me wth (i meant heck pls no flag)

oh, neat! I did not steal ur idea, and I am also not claiming to be the first creator of a drawing game, This is just something i made, and I wanted to share it. In fact, I was actually inspired by a Game my dad (Todorrobot) is making.

Cooperate wants you to find the difference between these two pictures.
Image result for undertale mtt shopkeeper image

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