New Editor Update: Help Videos πŸŽ₯

I just deployed an update to the editor with some small bug fixes and a pretty big update to the behavior help.

The fixes include various labels truncated with the last library update, and some cases where links were not lighting up when running from the behavior editor.

The main new update is an improved help page for the behaviors. Now when you click the help button, the documentation displays right in the editor, along with a video (in most cases). We’re[1] still working on adding videos, and more will be showing up this week, but they are mostly complete.

Let me know if anything seems out of place. Thanks!

[1] I say β€œwe”, but I really mean the awesome @PixelPizza*


Oh man, this is great, definitely needed! Thanks, @grazer & @PixelPizza!


this look great thanks @grazer and @PixelPizza