New Examples - Teleportation and Water/Lava!

Hey @grazer, I made these two examples, not sure if they interest you but I thought they might be somewhat helpful on the examples page.


This example uses Extractors and Globals to make an Ender Pearl-like teleportation.


I’m not quite finished with the explanation and making it look clean with bundles.

In this example, the Water/Lava uses Raycasts to check if there is a block underneath them, if the Raycasts miss the block will move 32 pixels or one block downwards.

Yes! I’m still working on the screenshots on both of them :rofl:


Neat, but for the teleportation example, maybe a way to not go through objects? for example, I can fly under the map if I spam in certain spots.

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Hold on, I had that fixed, I was having some issues with Flowlab earlier.

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Might’ve not saved.

Ok, so it did save but I think if I add a short cool down so you can’t spam we should be fine.

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@meburningslime, what do you think?

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I’m on mobile mate

Both should work on mobile.

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Teleportation works great! A little buggy on mobile because there is no mouse but that doesn’t matter lol.

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This is some great stuff, @AbstractGallery! I like the teleportation example and I think its neat what you accomplished with it.

I also like the way you’ve done the water and lava examples, but I did notice one thing you could improve on them:
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 9.26.42 AM

I’m pretty sure the construction worker isn’t Moses, but, if he is, good job on coding that!
In all seriousness, though, I see two ways you could improve this. You could either make quarter-cubes with capsule collisions (and sacrifice walking in the water or lava), you could do something similar to what minecraft does or, if you’re really up for a challenge, you could try and do what Terraria did.


Can I get some more detail about these quarter cubes?

I’ll PM you an example

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ive always wondered what pm means (not in time terms)

Lol, Private Message.

oooooooh ok lmao thanks

Lol, I didn’t see that there’s a water example. I already made one, but good job lol

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Yeah, I made that one a while ago, the first part wasn’t actually mine, I just made an example of what I saw in another game.

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Lol, it’s sad that very few people don’t know how to do it.
I made one that’s compatible with water drops if you just change the hitbox size:

That is if you’re referring to this one.


Thanks for sharing these, @AbstractGallery!