New Featured Game

I just added Graveyard 2 as a featured game - it’s really polished and fun to play, plus it’s perfect for Halloween :slight_smile:

Let me know in the comments if you have suggestions on which game should get featured next.

I have no ideas right off the bat, but I didn’t know you did this! That’s really cool, @grazer. My newest game is coming along well, so hopefully it’ll be like one of @latif’s games sometime soon…
I don’t know how he does it…

@browngr I mean, he’s Latif. Anything is possible if Latif is doing it. He said it himself.

@Latif Congrats, dude! I loved this game, and now its has a place on the Featured Page. Big accomplishment! :grin:

@latifs games are always great, good job mate. @grazer have you though about make a community feature game on the front page. This was an idea that came up awhile ago. You could have a pool of community games that cycle through every week. This could help smaller creatures get attention for there games and interest people in the community.

Congratulations and Happy Halloween @Latif !

Hey @grazer I have been making really good progress on this Here I’ve been working on this for probably 7 months now! It is not finished yet, and the shop works but you just can’t buy anything yet.

I would really love your feedback and anyone else. Thanks!

Thanks guys <3

No problemo, @Latif ! :wink:

Don’t mention it