New Featured Games from the 2023 Summer Flowjam ✨

I just featured the top games (by developer rating) from the Flowjam.

I usually only feature the games that score at least a 3.0 rating, but the quality bar seems to be getting raised continually, so I went a bit farther down the list this time. Here is a list of the new featured games:

  1. Shroud of the Fifth, by @Recryptech
  2. Gods of Five, by @DinoDev, @Hong_Jooni_Pooni, & @CodeAlpaca
  3. Envoy, by @sup3r87 & @Logan_K
  4. Stone Cold Steel, by @Agent_Y & @Baron_Wasteland
  5. Low Noon Saloon, by @HuckleBerry & @Greggo
  6. Blue Sky, by @rcreger, @glowbug, and @Crigence
  7. Wizzo, by @Galactian
  8. Elemental5, by @ThatBoxLion
  9. Rules’A’Nature, by @extrez
  10. Element Alcazar, by @paisleypug
  11. Daniel’s Body, by @DarkStar_Studios
  12. Elementally, My Dear Watson, by @todorrobot (and others…? - not sure who all worked on this, TBH)
  13. The 5 Harmonies, by @NILS

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :smiley:


Ahh 0.22 stars away from being featured!!! So close!!

I think Todd worked with JR01.

Yeah, I think I was a few starts away.


I’m featured :slight_smile:
I think my game could’ve had more, but people seem to like it. Will put down the difficulty on my rock levels though


Well honestly I don’t think Elemental Bingo should be featured, because it’s kind of a flowjam joke, not even a real game that is re-playable.


you did it pug, you son of a gun you did it! you got featured! congrats


Well, that’ll conclude the Summer 2023 Flowjam.

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■■■■, these games were nice


welcome to the forums @ThoseDolphins , i am @DWGAMEMASTER or just DW for short, and i am the embodiment of chaos, you should head to the otc


I recommend you don’t go to the Off Topic Channel, but welcome to the forums!


well thats just rude, just because you hate the otc does not mean he has to as well

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I don’t hate it, it’s just a bit chaotic. If he wanted to be here purely for game dev it’s not the place to go, if not I’m sure he’d stumble upon it himself.


hey @CodeAlpaca , could you further explain how to use that value thing like in the coding class, some screen shots of the code would help

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