New Featured Games

I just added two games to the featured games list. They should have been added a long time ago, but I’ve finally gotten around to it:

Die 4 U :


Not Worth Dying 4:

These are all part of the Highschool Jacob series (Trilogy?) by @PixelPizza

That also includes Stacey:

Also if anyone has a game that they would like to nominate for potential inclusion the list in the future (they go to the top of the games page) feel free to post links below. To be eligible, a game must be:

Mostly complete - Has a beginning, middle, & end, sounds, menu, etc
Playable - No major bugs preventing you from playing through or completing it
Well Crafted - Either looks nice, has a unique mechanic or creative storyline, etc


Thank you so much! :blush:
There’s actually one more (and the last) Highschool Jacob game coming soon, so it’s a “quadrilogy” ahah :smile:

Looking forward to all the other games that will join us on the featured page.
Btw, Merry Xmas everyone! :christmas_tree: :star2:


I dont think anyone would be able to match the level of these games

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Pizza’s games are publisher worthy, ngl

They have the very polished look and feel


Thank you, guys! @rcreger @Lyndon_Bork :pizza: :sparkles:


how did you do that???/

I think “Running for President” is good…


The Facility? It’s as polished as pixel’s games from what I can tell

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