New Featured Games πŸ†

I just added the six top-scoring games from the 2021 Summer Flowjam to the featured games:

  1. One Minute Miner by @Greggo
  2. The Illusionist by @PostCrypter
  3. Dome Survival by @TGW
  4. Electric Rougarou by @Bmarzi
  5. Neon Break by @HuckleBerry
  6. One Shot Demo by @Johnny_boy

Thanks everyone who participated! Flowlab Game Creator - games built with flowlab


Hey, sorry to bother you… I noticed my game’s screenshot was taken in the wrong ratio. I adjusted it from 16 to 18 width to get rid of the blank edge, but it’s still showing the original image on the featured games page. Is there a way to fix that?

Many apologies, I’m still in the learning process here and I want my games to look as professional as possible (which is why I’m still editing that one).


Hey @TGW - I checked it out, and your screenshot looks OK now. The images are cached in a CDN, so they can take a while to update.


Thank you sir! Sorry to bother you, I just realized my game was the only one with the bad ratio. Was thinking maybe I should put like a Playstation logo on the side to make it look like I meant to do that… :laughing: