New Featured Games ✨

The following games have all scored at least a 3.0 in the Flowjam results and were added to the featured list:

Witch in the Woods by @JR01 (& art by @glowbug)

The Novavis by @sup3r87 & @logan_K1

Hidden Depths by @Samuel_PixelPizza

Beyond the Glass by @00T_Free & @CodeAlpaca

Murder in the Refrigerator by @Bmarzi

Hooks by @Recryptech

Black N White by @Tapeboiii

The Other Perspective by @Capps

Hide by @DarkStar_Studios

Next Door by @todorrobot

Agent Pluto by @Greggo

Refraction by @ManiacPumpkin

The Fractured World by @KiwiLeaf_Entertainment

Inheritance by @HuckleBerry

Soul Siphon by @Lyndon_Bork

Thanks for participating in the Flowjam!


Congrats everyone! The jams keep getting better and better, and I hope to see what everyone does next cause I know a lot of these games deserve more content!


I challenge anyone to beat my score in Soul Siphon! So glad it made it into the featured games, it was really fun!


A lot of great games this year. Happy I was able to vote.


I’m pretty happy with the results


Oh, this is recent. I couldn’t find it at the top of the Category, so I didn’t see it until now. (Oh, never mind, I misread the date, XD!)
Congratulations everyone!

I love Next Door, Hide, Black N White, Hooks, Beyond the Glass, and the Novavis the most out of all of these games, although all of them are very well made.


Not sure if 5 months is recent

More recent than I thought. It’s always fun to check out these featured games, (Sorry for reviving the topic).