New Flowlab Release: Fig ✨

New Flowlab Release: Fig

Camera Updates and background rendering improvements!

New Stuff

  • New Background renderer when repeating
  • Added camera rotation input
  • Removed pixel snapping
  • Improved pixel-perfect rendering & sprite edges/seams
  • Rename filter “value” to “set”
  • Autoscroll animation list when adding frames
  • Improved sprite browser scrolling on taller screens
  • Renamed physics setting from “enable rotation” to “allow spin”
  • Improved handling of multiple cameras
  • Warnings added when multiple cameras are active at once
  • Do not update play count when playing your own game
  • (Upgraded Users Only) 3K new Sproutland Sprites from Cupnooble!

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t modify behavior editor background alpha in play mode
  • Fix “send message to attachments” wheile removing attachments
  • Fixed alignment & Mouse position in fullscreen/Expand mode
  • Level load transition rendering fixes
  • Loading screen matches game rendering scale
  • Screenshot sizes scaled down match game view when needed
  • Sprite editor height resize position fix
  • Fixed mouse click alpha hit testing for mouse over/out
  • Fixed Label mouse handling bug
  • Fixed new object auto-naming number suffix
  • Do not show connection error popup in play mode
  • Fix tutorial when not logged in
  • Fixed broken animation import cancel flow
  • Handle Emitting objects with invalid polygon collisions
  • Handle swapping attachment render order with repeating backgrounds
  • Fix global mouse click handling on screen edge when in full screen

Please let me know if you encounter any issues, thanks!


I really like this update! (Mainly because camera rotation)

Also grazer did you realize that there was already an update called Entawak

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I have been hoping for camera rotation for a long time! this is awsome!


… I… I love this update.

This is the update for noobs, lol. So many easier names and inputs! And Cam rotation as an INPUT?! This is going to make life SO much easier!

Aww. That’s too bad.

Thanks so much Grazer!


One other super useful addition in this update is that we finally have a “get” input on the MouseMove block, so you can get the mouse coordinates whenever you want instead of waiting for the mouse to move. This and camera rotation (and the rendering improvements) make for an overall incredible update (and just in time for the flowjam, too)!


Yeah, this will help so much with shooters.


The camera rotate doesnt work for my shooter

What do you mean it doesn’t work?


If you use code to set the camera rotation to a objects rotation the camera completely glitches out, I hope this helps

Thank you once again grazer for this fruity and colorful update!

Roguelite building time

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Why are you rotating the objects based on the camera rotation? your basically dobling the objects rotation on screen. What do you mean the camera glitches out? and can you give a link or example?


Yes, of course this is what I NEED.


No, I was setting camera rotation to match the player’s rotations

That makes more sense, but what do you mean by the camera glitches out?

I can forsee an inssue if you used the mouse in the game coordiantes, where every mouse movement would create an infinite spin because ever frame the mouse moves, that’s how far the player is turning/camera is rotating.

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yes, that’s the issue

So for that, you can’t use point at to mouse from the player because the player will always be looking north. If you rotate to the mouse, you are turning the player from its current north to a new north by huge margins.

Instead, use the mouse in the UI layer based on it’s X coordinates, like how mouse movement rotates the player in a fps game like Doom. Making how far left and right you move the mouse is how far you rotate. We need a feature request for locking the mouse to the center of the game.

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(This post is late but thank you)