New Flowlab Update (physics)

I just deployed a new version of Flowlab with some physics updates and small fixes. The biggest change is the addition of a new collision shape called “capsule”. This shape is better that a circle or rectangle for a platformer player character, since the sides and top will not have friction. This should eliminate the “sticky wall” issue that many folks have complained about.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues with it!


Hello Grazer, I was trying to create a game, but for some reason, anytime I tried to make an animation, the animation would go extremely fast. I tried everything to make the animation slower, but it would always play in that extremely fast speed. Can you please help me?

You can still wall jump on them tho. Also Capsule doesn’t work as a ground.

If you don’t like the wall jump. Just disable the sides for the collision

Hey Miguel,

You can adjust the animation delay in the animation editor. Turn it up to make the animation play back more slowly. Post a link if you want me to take a look.

This is the link to my game called TEST:
Up - Jump
Left Key/Right Key - Go Left/Right
Can you please try to find the reason why the character’s moving animation moves too rapidly, even if it’s set to be slower.
Thank You
-Miguel Urtiz

Miguel: The key trigger is set to “repeat”, so it is constantly restarting the animation. Open the animation and click “always finish”, and the animation will not get restarted. This should fix up your issue.

it seems to do just great, but now the jump animation won’t show when I jump and walk at the same time. Sorry to bother, but can you check it again please.
Thank you
-Miguel Urtiz

@Miguel I was thinking that you could have the Jump animation stop the Moving animation, but I cant remember how to do it…

Nevermind, I fixed it, I accidentally put when you press the UP button, it stops the JUMP animation, I moved it to stop the MOVE animation now. Thank you so much for helping me, Grazer!
-Miguel Urtiz

im making a new game come look leave comments

@grazer… Can there be triangle hit boxes too? This would help people make working slopes…

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Please. This really affects my games and I’m sure others too

Hey Jngthree - it’s much better to add feature requests into a new thread instead of adding them in a response like this. That way, I will see your requests when looking through that category when I’m trying to prioritize features.

So for triangle hit boxes, this has been requested a few times before. My plan is to add a hit box editor, so that you can make the hit box whatever shape you want. That editor is going to be quite a bit of work though, so I am trying to catch up on bug fixes for a bit (I have gotten behind and let them pile up, unfortunately) before I add new features.

@grazer, That happens to everyone so no big deal… turns out I did do a feature request on this, (either that or I hit save as draft) but thanks for replying

How do you make slopes?

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@Gudu, please do not comment on old or solved discussions.
If you need help or have an issue, please make your own post.


Bruh, he was replying to someone who was, and you just brought the topic back up, that was 3 days ago. I’m not helping either, just leave the topic.