New Game Ideas Needed!

Hello I’m back after so long! I’m on a road block and can’t think of a good game idea. Any ideas? This is also posted on help requests.

No need to make 2 topics, I’m sure the community will read them regardless of the channel.

For game ideas, how about a puzzle platformer where you can choose different ability paths to unlock new levels?


I like it! Thanks for the suggwstion


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a game where you do mech battles

I think for this I could do a combination of avatar the last airbender and super mario bros.

This can be each bending ability and character unlock.

This can be the mario part where you battle people from avatar in the form of a platfomrer


wow this sounds like an epic idea I love avatar

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I’m stuck on which reference to use for aang. Could you help me decide?

generally i recommend looking up a non-pixel art version of the character so you don’t just straight up copy someone else’s art


Ok thanks for the tip.