New GAME! Official:Dark Defense 1 (TD)---Updates and MORE! [Update 1.08]

Hello this is where my team {Overma Games} will be posting frequent post of our progress in our new (tower defense game?) if you are asking yourself what type of game is that and you don’t know well think of the games made by: Ninja Kiwi aka [Bloons TD].

We will be posting what updates are coming what updates we have done to the game as the game is still in progress. The game is published but the part of the game you can actually play is limited as of right now!

If you have any questions/requests for the game such as buffs/nerfs, new towers/enemies, new levels. LEAVE THEM IN thE RESPONSES BELOW!

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Game LINK:

UPDATE!:Woody Tower [NERF] proximity circle is being sized to be smaller (less range)

Bug FIX: Error… when woody is placed on map with merge tower woody does not shoot (in process of fix)

Very Fun

Also, what is the purpose of the Merge Tower

Thanks! @MrMcMemerMan i just fixed the BUG so woody and merge tower should work also [woody’s nerf credentials]: range used too be 120 and is now 70

@MrMcMemerMan merge tower is still a BETA tower that shoots water and its purpose is not completed yet its purpose is to slow down enemy and shot multiple projectiles at once!

There’s literally nothing stopping me from stacking 5 Woodies on top of each other and I love it

lol yes that is another thing that will be fixed in the near future right now you can stack towers and practically place them where ever even when your supposed to place them in the green + squares lol

Ok umm bad news lol! i accidently just made the merge and woodie tower bug again on accident

How do you place towers, I’ve been trying for the past ten minutes and I can’t get the cannon to show anywhere on the map.

What does that bug do

You click the cannon to buy it, then you drag it out of the box it appears in

lol @ManiacPumpkin at the top of the screen the towers show click on the one you have money for it will be placed to the left in a black box and your click and drag your tower to where ever you want

@ManiacPumpkin, there is a white box, and then when you click the cannon, it apears in the white box, and then click and drag it to wherever you want… I might fix this though.

I’m trying and its not moving, probably because I’m on iPad, not sure if it works on mobile yet.

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did you actually buy the tower or are you trying to drag the decoy because cannon cost $75

Ok, that might be it… we will try to make it compatible with mobile, thanks for letting us know!

Yeah I bought the tower, but I’m unable to click and drag it out of the box even though it says i’m clicking.

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