New Game


It’s not finished because there are still bugs to fix and other issues and stuff to add but here is the first playable version.

Background to why I made this game:
I talked before about how flowlab is my 1st step, the first step was never “make first game” it was actually to boost confidence. When I first saw Survive the Zamboodles (one of my other games) get over 200 plays, it boosted my confidence majorly, so I’m planning on trying to make this new game of mine do as well as I can.

Known Bugs:
Healing goes past bar amount for both player and enemy
Player can attack enemy or heal player despite it not being the player’s turn

hey quick question:are there going to be a ability like thing in the game(porbally not though just a suggestion)

What do you mean @glithctyrus ?

like the enemy gets some type of buff or debuff at the start of the battle

Nice :slight_smile:
Maybe the two of you should team up :blush:

So, like, a move the player can do to give the enemy a debuff?

Yeah something like that just that it can only be used once and skips your turn twice

@TinkerSmith smith to be honest my strong suit is sprites and animation

Yes, @glithctyrus they look cool, fit the theme perfectly

@glithctyrus the debuff would take forever to figure out, especially the way I coded it

ok I understand