New Game! 😃

I made a game from my free time and thought it would be cool to create a flowlab Version of “BLOB SIMULATOR” from wherever i saw it. Flowlab Game Creator - EAT SIMULATOR V.FLOWLAB :sweat_smile:


Uuh, I’m guessing this is meant to be played on mobile…

I can’t see the whole game screen on 100% zoom.

Are u going to make it multiplayer?

??? that’s not how it looks on my device? This isn’t meant for mobile, What do you mean 100% zoom? Your supposed to use fullscreen

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… Oh. Maybe you should make that automatic.

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No sadly, I’m not very good with multiplayer, Plus I’m pretty sure its hard to make players be able to interfere with each other, I would probably have to work with super good coders, me myself cant do it

Sure I will do that rn

Here’s a tip:

Don’t use a Once to start Fullscreen, use a really short timer.

k, how come? what does it change?

I did add that, :smiley: :grin: (20characters)

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I have made a few games multiplayer, I might be able to help if you need some.
It is very hard to make multiplayer games, I recently have made a chat that uses shared for messaging… it is just a prototype, not sure if it fully works yet.

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Sure, we could work on making it multiplayer

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