New horror game (strings)

I made a runner horror game using flowlab. It’s still in beta but I made one gamemode. collect 157 key pieces around a maze and you win.


Tell me if you like it!

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Btw I cannot reply instantly.

I’ll try to check it out when I’m off work:)


its good, but make the wrath puppet slower, its too fast, i couldn’t outrun it :sweat_smile:

You need to use shift to run.

BTW I actually made it faster.

You can still outrun it, but you need to act quick.

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It’s based off of shard collecting in Dark Deception (DD)

Okay, I got around to playing it. It’s really fun for a while when you find out using shift lets you move faster XD here’s some things I think would be great to improve on:

Player movement. Especially with the regular, non running movement, when collecting things it feels janky (also, the red arrow on the floor is solid, may need to make it not).

Enemy movement and hindering. The movement of the enemy is overall decent, though the rotation of it seems odd. Other than that, I suggest making it is solid, but avoids the collisions of the walls. And by hindering, I mean other ways to have the enemy stop following you, such as traps, doors, hiding, or perhaps it’s afraid of light, so whenever you turn one on it runs away.

An objective. With these types of games, I tend to see the player collecting objects to complete puzzles to escape whatever this area is. I feel that could fit in well here.

Those are just a few suggestions from me:)

I am working on a better enemy movement and tracking system. I will have 5 going in circles around the map and if they spot you… I think you can guess what happens next. :slight_smile: the arrow is a tool to help the ai’s going around the map. I am closing the game to work on it, I’ll reply when I’m done.

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Ok that didn’t work…
I have reconstructed the enemy movement system.



Still working on it.

Is it ok if I make a minigame in my game based on your game to unlock the wrath puppet from your game in my game? I hope it makes sense

Already did it lol. Tell me if I should remove the update

Can you credit me? I will allow you. I can also put ur name in credits.

ok, ill start making credits soon.

Permission granted. BTW there’s blood in my game soo…

wanna use this?

no thanks, Im fine making my own music

Reminds me of Pac-Man and Dark Deception if you need help with art I will help! Keep up thy great work!

I made it based off of dark deception.