New idea as a feature request

@grazer i thought of something you could include in the next update to help mobile devs

A: duplicating games. Because I think its important for people who want to make a single game, but for those who want to port it for mobile as well. That way if I’m on a PC, for example. I don’t see all the buttons someone for mobile would see. And if someone sent out the link for the mobile one, I’d see the on-screen buttons.

This leads me to my next request-

B: Keyboard simulations.
To help with converting desktop games to mobile games. An button onscreen (assumed to be a GUI OBJ) could have a mouse-click linked to a dedicated behavior node (i think it should be called keyboard simulator) set to a certain character/letter. And when receiving an input, all keyboard trigger nodes assigned to that same character/letter will send of an input.

@grazer can you at least take my idea into consideration?

Yep, those are both good ideas, thanks :slight_smile:

The issue with cloning games is that it seems like they would get out of sync. If you make any changes, you would have to make them in two places. I wonder if it would be more useful to have a “device” check, so that you can add behaviors that only run on mobile devices, or only in the browser.

Ok thats better