New Objects! (Files and Carrys)

Okay, been using flowlab for… 4? 4 Years now. I’d REALLY enjoy like a file thing. How it would work is you can take a file (PNG. Mp3, Etc.) and make it follow the appropriate action.

The reason I need this is for a game I made (Beat Spinner Flowlab Game Creator - Beat Spinner) and wanted a level creator. Unfortunately, the only two songs I have on there wouldn’t be very interesting to play OVER and OVER and… yeah. SO, the file block (Maybe the block settings allow you to choose a specific file type) would open your file browser to pick a file. The file would then be used, or be sent to a sound block or texture editor block, who knows! Think of all of the possibilities this could create!

My second block idea is the carrier block. This is more of a development block and would serve no purpose in the game.

So an input (any input, numbers, texts, number lists, text lists,) that is imported will stay in the block after the game is paused.

For example, I could have a number list; 1, 2, 3, 4 and then I would import this into the carrier. I would pause the game and the numbers, 1, 2, 3, and 4 would still be in the block.

These can be copied and pasted into number, letter, list blocks. Or like moved around to be linked and unlinked to different objects. This would be absolutely an AWESOME add-on.

Anyways, have fun and keep coding everyone!


I’ve actually been planning to request this lol. Also welcome to the community, I also have been using Flowlab for 4 years! Technically 3 years though, since my Flowiversary is on October 20th.

I don’t understand the carrier behavior though, could you go more deeper into that?


I have been here for Almost 3 years and I think this would be great!


I’m not sure what you mean by “Carrier,” it sounds like either a Global or Save

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Yes. I was thinking a paste behavior, we have a copy behavior, but it would be nice to paste text into a game. Like level ID’s or something.

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Sure! Sorry I’ve been inactive. Imagine you have a number, say PLAYER X= 652. What the carrier would do is it would go into the “Set” Port and it would behave like a regular number or list. But, when you stop game testing the original number (PLAYER X) would still be there.

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Hey CodeAlpaca! Big fan of your games. The carrier was… wait I already specified it in @DeadlyGumChewer 's reply.

Maybe but why can’t you test in the behavior editor?