New porkys nightmare poll

the good news is that it’s going well development wise
the bad news is I decided I wanted to work on a small side project, which would become the main project once its finished which means development slows down


like I said, I could help you :slight_smile: offer still stands.

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what could you help with?
theres not much left to do because of how simple the ai is

like i said, if i have ideas, i could add them with your permission

what ideas you got?
I could add them in some sort of list

you could make the animatronics on the stage bigger, so you can only see their shoulder and up

poggers, ill add it

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and instead of using a position behavior, you could MAYBE use the feature galaxian games used where its an actual animated camera but its bigger

and what does poggers mean xD

its a meme

oh and i have room ideas
and lol

I used to do the same when I was making my now cancled fnaf fangame
but it restricted the art, a ton (art is my favorite part)

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Office (normal)

the bathroom is where hamilton would hide before dashing for the office
its already implemented

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hallway is a good idea

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the vents where planned for roxy

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Dining Room

closet not so much XD

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sound pog, ill have to redo a lot of code though ima make a poll

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