NEW PROJECT, come help

Wait, does that mean we haven’t gotten a pixel artist since the last time I checked?

Lots of these people are pixel artists and they’re working together @Crigence

That sounds incredibly messy, we should just have 1 - 2 to keep things thematically consistent


I see what Cringence means

  • Space Castle
  • Forbidden Sky
  • Starblast
  • Minecraft
  • Volcano
  • Polar Battle

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did you just call me?

Oof, that’s a big cringe.

@meburningslime Extend your character by one then, we must have balance or else this won’t work

@Crigence Hehe, sorry

I don’t think anybody is having problems except you @The_Kodex

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Only one animation, the knockdown, will require a different size, and when that happens your character is dead, so I don’t think we need to worry about that.

Dude, all players should follow the ration of 1x1, 2x2 and so on. This means code is more fluent and not random and it matches flowlabs default ratio as well, it can’t just be random

Its just SO much easier to work and code with since everything in flowlab starts off 1x1 and is based off that

  • Have all characters be 2x2
  • Have all character hitboxes square
  • Choose the appropriate Hitbox size for the character

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Hitboxes I have covered too

We’ll wait until more people get on and vote. Until then, don’t spam too much guys lol
But for now it looks like we are probably gonna just choose the appropriate size

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@scrapstudios @ShadowGaming @Cuts_ups @edwardi

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ScrapStudios already voted, and it’s 3-2

Common sense is winning, lol

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Wow, this is like if anybody in politics ever was sane!

It’s a-… a-… a-… A vote!!!
Lol, I might hire an italian hacker or a russian spy to steal the vote… XDXD

Oof, sorry @The_Kodex but it’s a 5-1

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I ain’t gonna lie, this entire thing is kinda funny