New Release: Mostly Bugfixes πŸ›

New (Mostly Bugfix) Release Just Deployed

New Features:

  • Clock behavior now has an option for millisecond timestamps
  • Collision merging will now happen when objects have (*most) behaviors

Bug Fixes:

  • Much better animated gif importing!
  • Game speed in browsers no longer affected by monitor refresh rate!
  • Many random-seeming editor errors fixed

*The following behaviors still do prevent merging: Destroyer, Impulse, Motor, PointAt, RayCast, Enabled, Material, Position, Velocity, Size, Rotation

Please let me know if you find any issues with the new release, and thanks!

Here’s a demo of the new gif importing performance:


Thanks for the hard work! Also nice gif demo!


Great update, everyone make sure you watch that gif demo, very impressive.


The collision merging update is incredible, thank you! It’s more powerful than I think most people realize…


Agreed, alone this will help with a lot with performance with games with still solid objects.
As well, this works perfectly with my complex sprite map set up using lists.

But because of how hitbox merging works, raycasts had to be taken out of the behavior list. So simple spritemapping with Raycast are out for the time being. But this type of sprite mapping is one of the main reasons for this feature, so look forward to more updates.