*NEW* The first Phone simulator<---

I’ve been looking through the games list, and I was talking to my buddy @ShadowGaming, and we were talking, about games that haven’t been made yet basically, and I’ve decided to make a Phone simulator. It will be based on the GTA V phone. If you don’t know what that is then your too young. Anyways, The phone will have a contact list, a ringer, and games you can download, I’m working on youtube which will be the most frustrating. Bit it will work out. Any ideas? Link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1625739 DISCLAIMER: If you are here to spread any type of hate, just DM it to me, please. I want this to


be a Kid friendly post. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Btw, nothing is working yet, the link is so you can see my progress.

aww you called me your buddy :disappointed_relieved:

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Credit to shadow gaming for the idea XD

wait… i didnt give you this idea…

Technically you did, remember you were making something?

Yousaid you wanted to be the first to make it on flowlab

Thats where i got my idea from XD so credit to you

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no need to credit me but thanks anyway lol :smile:

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Np, I just don’t want to discredit anyone.

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Would anyone like to help out with the phone sim? I need an app maker XD, so basically when you press the app it will take you to that game, in our game ofc, not others’ game. Like a different level

I would like to but maybe not now im helping two dev teams and making a horror game

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Its all good, Whenever you come around.

Ok i’ll tell you when im free maybe when i finnish ch.1 of my horror game

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