New top down shooter game

a few days ago i started this game, and i’m pretty happy with it so far, there is a lot that i feel it needs, but I’m not sure what. i would really appreciate if someone could take a look at my game and tell me what it needs.

update: I’ve been working on it for a while now and im going to post it on for download soon.

play it here:


I rlly liked ur game

Not bad but I eventually stopped loosing health, I stopped after 40 skulls

JR 01 I’ve been noticing that too. I’m not sure how to fix that. At first it was the stamina bar (blue bar) that would stop working, but i think I must have fixed that somehow, and the health bar problem seemed like it only started happening when i made the spikes damage the player.

Btw I’ve played a lot of your games on flowlab. and i really like Nyctophobia.

@RevertedLax I’m glad you like it!

update: I figured out the health bar i think. the orbs that give you health are healing too much, and then you have more health than is on the bar. i think why this is happening is because i changed the player’s health from 10 to 30 after I made the game more difficult, And i forgot to change the numbers in the filters that stop the orbs from giving more health than is on the bar.

its a great concept, it reminds me alot of the classic doom, it seems to be a great start!

wow thanks @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev
I’m glad you like it and it’s cool that it reminds you of doom.
I will keep on working on the game. i’m thinking of making an upgrade shop so you can use your gold skulls to upgrade fire rate, health, and stamina. not exactly sure how to do that though.


I’m so glad you think it’s cool!
I think I’ll be putting it up on for download soon.

I think everyone will like it!