New update - Emitter updates

I just deployed a new build that updates the Emitter behavior:

  • Now has an angle setting and input. This is to control the angle that a projectile is emitted, no more using a separate attachment to aim emitted objects.
  • To go with the angle setting, there is a checkbox to select whether the angle is independent of the object that is emitting, or relative to it. This way the emitter can be aimed independently of the object, or always emit to e.g. the object’s left.
  • The issue with flipping the object causing the emitted objects to appear upside-down is fixed
  • The sliders for age and force have been switched to steppers

As always, please let me know if you see any problems.


How about an X/Y offset, so we can edit things in different spots.


@CrimsonBlackGames Yeah that would be nice. I’ve suggested that once.

@grazer This bug is still not fixed:

Flipped objects (horizontally) ignore the forward direction and will always emit to the left. The bomb skeleton’s forward property is up, so it should always emit the bomb above him except when the skeleton is flipped vertically.


So now I can do 8 directional shooting without any special math commands or rotations. If it doesn’t already have it, can you add an (in) for rotation emit value, so I don’t need 8 separate emitters per projectile?

I actually fixed it by doing another trick with the “angle is independent” checkbox. But I don’t want to break my game again, so I’m going to make an example game when I have some time.

dont Spam, friends.

Anyway, just updated SB3. Worked on the title screen, but also made it to where shots can be slightly off by 5 degrees, giving you some more spray, and slightly making the game easier

@zcg150 - I had to reduce the shrek count to a reasonable number.

@Latif - the update is working in my tests, I can’t reporoduce the issue. What game is that in the video? It doesn’t look like Graveyard, that seems like the old Graveyard graphics. If I can see what’s going on it will be much easier to fix.


I will update some screenshots really soon

This bug appens because the flip behaviour doesn’t changue the hitbox

Right(because its his natural direction(right)):

Wrong (because its fliped):


alright if we click angle is independent solves everything… sorry

@grazer the object doesnt rotate with the offset

If you send something 90 degrees to the left, the object still rotates in relationship to the object emitting it, which is good, but the additional 90 degrees isnt added.

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - you’re correct, the rotate offset still works the way it always has: The emitted object will be rotated to match the emitter. Maybe there needs to be an additional option there to either rotate to match the emitter or rotate to match the final direction?

Maybe the rotation should just always match the emit angle, and not the emitter at all. I’ll think a bit more about this. The settings panel is already getting pretty complicated.

I like the final rotation checkbox idea