New update - More Bug Fixes

I just deployed an update that fixes a few of the recently reported bugs:

  • Proximity indicator circle now hides properly when deleting the block
  • Proximity settings panel layout has been fixed (layout was broken when disabling “once” checkbox)
  • Proximity once check didn’t always reset properly when detecting particles
  • Made no permission / not logged in indicator more obvious (flashes, plays sound when save fails), to hopefully prevent people from editing while not logged in and losing work.
  • Fixed error when pasting in the sprite editor with an empty clipboard

You may need to clear your cache, since the lock icon in the “saving locked” indicator has changed

Maybe in contrast to the no permission thing, for those who are signed in, when you preform an action that triggers the auto save, small white text says change saved successfully (or something among those lines) in the corner, so we dont have new users constantly asking how to save, because theyd see it and know its saved.

Another thing is a save button, just in case we want to save without leaving the sprite editor.

If I delete my cache, won’t that erase all my saves for people’s games and my high scores?

Great patch btw, Facebook logs me out a lot and I don’t notice.

@“Mhx Ar” looks like youll be needing to play SB3 again…

I need to continue working on that game. I made it incredibly fast compared to SB2.

Honestly, I wonder if SB3 is considered better…

@CrimsonBlackGames Personally I feel cramped in SB3. I liked the maneuverability and neon grid of SB2 a lot, because that’s also how I made Vortex. It felt just like Geometry Wars, which was one of my favorite games on the old old old original Xbox 360 arcade.

Well you aint gonna like the new mode Ive been working on… lol.

Once SB3 is done, I might move back to SB-NWR, and make it look more like SB2, than the original .

@Grazer I suggest you make a little bar above the saving is locked saying “Sign in to save”. You would sign in and your progress that you did would be saved.