New Update: "My Games" page overhaul

No, it’s just that your games page now has categories, and the default one is “All”, which includes all of your unarchived games and team games.

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well i was late to this page but great update @grazer

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Are you the admin of the group? because I have a team project and its still saved as one of my games…

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why you delete it tho?

i uploaded a previous message again : /

I am not the founder of the Development group. If I was, Flowlab would definitely count the team games as mine. I am merely a member of two groups.

What are these game tags used for?

Searching and organizing bro. Tags have been requested for a while.

How would they be used to search for games?

Ya type a tag and it shows games with the tag in the search

Type the name of the tag into the search bar?

Yes, that is how tags work. They’re similar to keywords. You search for them to find things.

I searched Battle Royal (I used the tag Battle Royal on one of my games). That is all that came up. How does a user search a tag?

Hello, can you add an option to make someone else on flowlabs a team leader or founder please?


Yes, switching founders would be very useful.

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grazer hasn’t finished making it yet.

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Hey, Sorry - I haven’t implemented that. I wanted to wit until the games started getting tags


That makes sense. I was just wondering.

i just went back and added tags to all my games, this is a cool update

Yep, CA and I added tags to our finished games