New Update: "My Games" page overhaul

Earlier today I deployed a new version of the My Games page with a new look, some new features, and some other site tweaks:

  • New My Games page (obvs)
  • New my games url: (old one still works too)
  • New games url: (old ones still work)
  • Game Tags
  • Organize your games display using tags
  • Special “Archive” tag to hide old/completed games from your My Games page
  • Game play analytics by week/month/year (Indie only)
  • Can view games per team
  • New “edit” url (instead of “view”)
  • Deleted games now go into a “Recycle Bin” when deleted, and can be restored (for a limited time)

Please check it out and let me know what you think, and if you have any feedback or issues.





Nice! Only things that seemed to stand out were these:

  • Analytics don’t show anything - yet. I’m guessing this will show you player interactivity from now on, not from the past. Still great to have though, I really like this being a feature.
  • Adding tags can get a little annoying going back and forth from the menu. Gets the job done tho. I also think that there should be some more suggested tags (for me, story-driven would be great - interactive story didn’t really fit into some of my tags)

Great update for the most part!


Thumbs up


Analytics should be showing for games that have gameplay events, I enabled the metrics tracking a couple of weeks ago, so if you have games that have been getting plays but the metrics are not showing, then let me know. Of course, any brand-new games will not have data yet. Also keep in mind that the metrics can sometimes take a long time to load, so if they are completely blank maybe it just needs a bit more time to show up.

Yeah, adding tags isn’t the most streamlined process in the world, but I figured that it’s typically not something that will happen all that often. If it turns out to be more clunky, I can improve it. I’ll also likely some additional tags, but I’ll take a bit of time to collect feedback first.



Also bear in mind that the metrics are not real-time. The events are ingested and processed, and thre reports are cached, so the information can be up to several hours behind.


Very cool game engine grazer.

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Maybe make the analytics easier to read? Because I have a hard time reading them.

Seems like a great addition (yet again). :tada:


Updatebots, roll out!
Transformers Optimus Prime GIF - Transformers Optimus Prime Lets Roll GIFs
(I like this update more than words can describe)


New tag ideas:

  • Fangame
  • Meme
  • Fashion
  • Comedy
  • Simulator
  • Third person

I believe that these categories may be beneficial to Flowlab game developers. I make fangames and meme games, many people make simulators, fashion and comedy are both descriptive categories, and first person is already there so third person would probably fit as well.


Thanks for the amazing update, Grazer!


i prefer the ould on, it looked cooler

I honestly LOVE the new design for the new games page better than the old one

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I was wondering why Optimus was displayed here

New changes have been deployed to the Flowlab Game Creator by grazer. Flowlabots, roll out!

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Flowlabticons, Retreat!

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Jaw dropped.

Does this have to do with the new update?:

I have 5 GAMES! I have no idea how. Two of them are team games, maybe that has something to do with it. Before, the team games counted as my games, even when I wasn’t the host or creator.

I can join the game Jams now! I noticed this after the update.

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Yep, It’s the new layout

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I wasn’t talking about the new game layout. The team games (The ones that I’m working with others on) don’t count as my games. They used to but not now.

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