"new update to poly jumper!"

In this update:

camera fixed

New level

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If you’re talking about the same game, please keep it all in one topic.


i know that but still i want to do a dirretnt topic



cuz that’s just me!!!

No! That’s annoying and it makes me very annoyed when someone does that. Just stop when it’s early. Pls. For all our sakes


That’s not a reason…

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Your not a reason…



There is an alleged loser amidst us who likes puppets. He never speaks, except for when he posts about his 100,000 games. He consistently makes large swaths of annoying topics for extremely similar games that have even less differentiation than mine, not to mention extra topics for updates on the same game that could be put into one topic. He has been doing this for months, and has been on the forums even longer.

He responds to nothing, and everyone agrees that he is beyond annoying. If you check his forum stats, you can see for yourself how much he posted in the #play-my-game category, and how little he has posted elsewhere. How many topics he has created, and how many replies he has made.

Even those who used to showed genuine interest in his games are no longer interested. Basically, no one likes him because he just posts meaninglessly and never listens to others when they tell him to stop.

Do not be like him. Do not follow the same path as him. Be a good Flowlab user, and don’t spam the forums for no reason (or don’t spam at all). It makes topics harder to see. Just because you don’t understand a rule doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it.


I really Dont Get it…

I dont get itttttttt

You’re clogging the forums up, making it harder for other topics to find their audience.


Users who view the discussions by latest have to filter out useless discussions or spammed ones to find the ones that are relative to them.

Most users just make one post on their game and just keep replying to it instead of just making more topics.

Plus it helps create an organized list and log of your updates and the history of your game instead of searching through many other discussions.


Okay I get it now…
I got ya