New updates to editor

I just deployed an update to the game editor with the following changes:

  • The grid is no longer restricted to one object per cell, objects can overlap
  • Objects can be resized, their size is no longer set at creation

Lots of sprite editor tweaks, including:

  • Cursor now indicates current tool
  • Sprites can be resized with new resize tool
  • Sprites can be shifted in canvas using new move tool
  • Sprites are automatically resized when uploading an image too large to fit in tile

Let me know if you have questions or comments :slight_smile:


I’m really excited to hear this gridless update. I use this to put enemies over cave walls and such :slight_smile:

Is this why this site is so slow now? My rocket pod holiday game is so slow in game but not in editor.

Although with the game, its only the Christmas level that is slow.

Awesome! This is gonna make creating levels better!

I can’t find the resize tool. Where is it?

bottom left button in sprite editor toolbar

ok thanks found it