New video for HOW to MAKE A NAMETAG is UPLOADED!

Have you ever wanted to create a player that has a name-tag example? Well, in this video you’ll see exactly how. Just click this here!
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Thank you, explaining how to make name-tags is something many people ask for in this community.


I don’t get why you put behaviors in the camera bundle if you didn’t use them?
This set up should work with auto cam, but I use these behaviors because I like to make my own camera restrictions. Also the Camera Y global should be on the set y output if your using auto cam (if you want it to move on the Y).

Also the volume is still a little quiet, but overall it’s a great video.
This example is on my list to clean up the code and update, so I understand the confusion of the behaviors in the camera bundle.


Yep, I saw the confusion and also cringing at my old code.
I just redid the example so it should be much easier to use now, sorry for the confusion.

Flowlab Game Creator - Nametag Example


Glad that was settled. It was confusing, but hopefully to the viewers it makes sense. Thanks for redoing the code it will be easier for people now.

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