New Way of Using a Camera

Hello everyone, I need some help with a camera behavior. I don’t know how to make it look smooth because the player moves snapped to the grid, If you could take a look I would appreciate it.

The problem is on the level labeled town.

@PixelPizza I know you’re really good at using the camera behavior, maybe you could figure this out.

Look on the examples page for the “Smooth Camera” example:

Hey grazer, I applied the behaviors from the example you suggested sadly it didn’t work, although I may have discovered a new bug or maybe it’s just a connection issue, but when I select the “other” sprite I want it to extract from and I click out of the behavior then open again it says it’s extracting from a sprite labeled ground.

I made a short video so you can see it but I can’t upload it for some reason.

Ok, I found the problem, it was actually because there was another ground object with the same object number as the players so I’m assuming it just automatically changed to that object. So the example you provided DID in fact work, thank you @grazer!