Newbie Q? Game sides are cut off in the Gameplay window

Teacher here. my students are making a clicking game where they click on an object that bounces around the screen. In one of the student’s games the bricks that make up the walls of the level do not show up (They are there but are off the screen) and the score is cut off. She is the only one that appears to have this problem. Basically we are making single screen games but her entire screen is not showing up.

Any ideas as to why?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the score is cut off, but usually I don’t really understand stuff. Maybe by sending a link to the game on here, (Copy and Paste) I could be able to look over the game (Which I can’t edit, just view) and maybe find a solution. By the sounds of it, there is some sort of loading issue. If I can’t be able to help you, there are many others on here who are better at explaining things like this, lol.

Edit: Also I respect the fact that your school allows their students to use Flowlab for the basic building steps for coding. My school doesn’t even have a game development class (at least not yet).

If she is using a camera block to change the location of the camera, that could cause the things in the level to not show up correctly.

There are problems with some chromebooks when either messing with screen size, or sometimes chromebook screens will just cut off randomly. The fullscreen behavior often fixes this problem, but I would not recommend this option.

The best option in my opinion would be to just move the blocks closer to the middle

Could it also be related to screen size? Sometimes on my iPad I have to zoom out on the webpage in order to see the whole game screen.

Maybe its out of screen