🌳 Newer game - what if you made the "user's first project" actually good?

Yooo! It’s been a hot minute since I posted a topic!

I’m at a university, studying to get into their game design & development program. In the meantime, one of the projects for one of my classes involved making a 2D game, so I asked my professor if I could make the project in flowlab.

Almost two months later, I am now finally ready to release “Newer game” today! This game explores what would happen if you took the basic 2D platformer so many of us first made, but then put genuine effort into making it an actually fun game to play.

This project was worked on on-and-off for the past two months, and I’m very excited to show it to you all!

You can play the game here!

This project is not planned on being worked on long term since it is basically an asset flip. But please tell me when you think, and thank you!! :slight_smile:



This is literally what I thought my game would look like when I made my first game.




this was super good, you did an amazing job


Sadly I decided to only play Level 1 because my school chromebook cannot handle this amount of epicness.
I also really like the name of this achievement.


level 1 takes by far the longest to load! sad symptom of the tileset system, but trust me, the alternative is unbearable lag :slight_smile:


I agree, @sup3r87, this is a pretty good game.

Yeah, I tried to see if you were just making a ridiculously slow loading screen sprite, but it actually the loading screen, lol.


The trees are my favorite part.


Pretty cool! I love the idea and it’s done very well. I did find a couple logic bugs with animation and loading but they were hardly noticeable. It’s cool thinking how close you are, I’m in going to Rochester Institute of Technology (Which is in west New York); and I’m also studying game design


I loved how things eased or whatever the word is. It’s a pretty awesome game. The background is pretty great two.


Both ironically and unironically the most gorgeous game I have played on the site. Seriously, fantastic job. Sup3rb :smirk:. I hope you get a good grade on this! :)

edit: this is also the first time I beat a Flowlab game shortly after someone posted it, in a while so 🇼 i guess


If I was a professional teacher at the absolutely prestigious school you attend, I would break down into tears and coughing fits at the absolute glory portrayed in every element of your game. Then I would pass away, and my spirit would float to heaven at peace from witnessing the greatest creation ever.


You guys have a sprite for the loading screen :exploding_head:
I considered doing that but decided not to because I thought there was a better way.


Am I replying too much? I’ll stop replying just in case. It might be disrespectful, I’m not sure. Sorry if it’s rude, uhhhh. Yeah. Khool.
I just found out I can edit my old replies I’ll just do that from now on instead of spamming annoying replies. Once again sorry. I know better now. Btw I love how much easing is in the game oh wait I already said that. JK. AHHHHHHH stupid adhd. I’ll just stop typing now. Now I feel self conscious about what I’m doing, it’s fine. Oh shoot I just said I would stop typing. Now I really want to make long credits about this reply that just says me over and over but it’s all in depth and stuff. Haha. Oh shoot. My bad. I’ll stop now.


alr this game is a cool idea and all but it needs a few things really badly

first off please add a coyote jump :pray:
secondly it needs a more responsive movement system, it’s great and all but sometimes when I land I have to move around to be able to jump, and the angle the player moves at causes him to sometimes get stuck in the ground, and bounce up
thirdly, i know a lot of people in this community would disagree, but there is a point where their is too much juiciness, and this game is just on the brink of it
fourth, instead of reloading the whole level and having to wait for the loading every time, you can instead use a few once extractions to tp the whole level back to the right place and reset everything

not a bad game or anything though just wanted to point these out because based on literally every game you’ve ever made not being a platformer i’m pretty sure you’re newer to this genre


I want to play it, but need to sometime when I am not on a chromebook. It gets laggy. Maybe its just mine? Idk.

It looks amazing so far though! I can’t wait to play it!


These are all good points! I usually don’t make platformers, so yeah the game doesn’t have physics that are in tip top shape. I think I’m going to “solidify” the tilesets so they load much quicker in a few days when I’m confident I won’t be changing the layout.


This is a pretty nice game, fresh animations while using all of the given objects, my first game wasn’t the best but number two was way better, I’m trying to make third game but need much more art, might not be able to do on free version too.


It’s an indie feature, so you can do it. Go to settings and press on Loading Screen.


Haha! I pushed him into a pit of which he could not escape! :upside_down_face:

I beat it! I like the game.

It’s actually a very good example of someone’s first 2D game, but made better!