Newgames (Woah woah there shuddup with the 15)

Newgames is like uhh Viperteck, Plymouth, Crossed swords Games Studios, Overma games, and now me Newgames!!



cool whos in ur team

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Don’t forget Crossed Sword Games Studios, good to have ya!


No one yet ;-;

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I’d join, I’m ok at textures, and would gladly make music for your games, Generally I focus n more 8-bit stuff, but I can make things that look/sound at least semi-natural. Do note that There may be time where I just cant help that day, Because im busy, or school and such. Anyways, i’d be happy to join ur team!

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I dont have indie but of course thank you!!!


Ill join if you need an indie user

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Ok thank you

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I have indie too, so I could make one aswell if need be

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so did you want me to make one? or have you just not invited me yet. also, what are we gonna work on? what sort of games are we doing, and for my sake, what kinda music will you need, either ill have some already for you or ill make some more (:

Im thinking a retro game called Explosion

ooh ok, Would you need boss music/epic loud evil music? I can get that for you :3

Yeah (but we need someone to make a dev team)

can maybe You (@Baconcat008) or @edwardi
Make a dev team and invite me and invite the other one that didnt make the team

okk, ill make it!

K, i invited both you and edwardi :3

Hi can I join the team? I can code.
Also, thin E


ive invited yall :DD

So, what now?