Newgames (Woah woah there shuddup with the 15)

Im thinking a retro game called Explosion

ooh ok, Would you need boss music/epic loud evil music? I can get that for you :3

Yeah (but we need someone to make a dev team)

can maybe You (@Baconcat008) or @edwardi
Make a dev team and invite me and invite the other one that didnt make the team

okk, ill make it!

K, i invited both you and edwardi :3

Hi can I join the team? I can code.
Also, thin E


ive invited yall :DD

So, what now?

Join the Team and work on “explosion”
Im making it so ur a TNT canister and if you hit the groud too hard you explode

started an explode animation

i- Im also doing that XD, mine looks pretty bad tho, so Ill kep urs

Dude i already have ground, refresh XDXD

NOoooooo it didnt save any of my code!! ):
I had some already and it deleted it ):

made some code so if you fall at a certain speed you do the explode animation

ok, I did but it didnt save, STop editing the TNT for a sec, i need to or it wont save

Just change my raycast to raycast for your floor

Guys @MrMcMemerMan @edwardi @Baconcat008

im changing the character