Next Game

Hello everyone, i’ve been tossing and turning between two ideas of what I should do for my next game. So I decided to come here and ask for some opinions! My first idea was a Clicker, if you don’t know what a clicker is you just click a thing on the screen and it adds point, there is then a shop which you can buy CPS boosters, every time you click you get extra items, etc. My second idea was a 1v1 (one device) action brawl sort of thing, first one to kill the other wins and there is different levels and all that! Be sure to vote in the poll, thanks (If you have any other game ideas don’t hesitate to comment them down below!)

(Sorry the option 2 says “Poll”… First time making one, the “Poll” option is meant to be the 1v1)

How about the 1v1 action brawl? I’m a fan of Wrassling

@grazer do you mean wrestling or is there an actual thing called Wrassling?

It’s a real game: