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My game is set to go from the first to the second level if all 4 of the small fish are eaten (destroyed), but I want the second level to have more fish than that. Since it is set to 4, it goes to the third level when 4 fish are eaten instead of 7, but I need it on 4 for the first level so I can’t just change the number. Any suggestions?

Make it to where it sends out a message to all the fish, and if there is no responce, then its next level

I don’t think I understand your description. Maybe posting a link to your game would be helpful.

@grazer , istead of a fixed number for all the levels, he wants to have more fish on a higher level, without some fish not being eaten and still passing

OK, I think I understand the issue now. I assume you are tracking the count of eaten fish in your player, but you want to vary the number of fish to count for each level.

Here is one way you could do that:

  1. Add a new “fish counter” object to track your fish counts (this isn’t strictly needed, but will keep the new logic out of your player)
  2. Add a “setup” object to each level, that sends a message to your fish counter to indicate the total number of fish needed to pass that level
  3. Whenever you eat a fish, have your player send a message to the fish counter
  4. The fish counter subtracts the number of eaten fish from the required fish total, and moves to the next level if the result is zero.

That is a bit complicated, so I put together an example here:

Click the space bar to “eat a fish”. Good luck!

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Ok, my bad

thank you!
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