Next Update Question

Find a short explanation based on their number below.

Which Updates Are Most Important?
  • Multiplayer Update (1)
  • Label Update (2)
  • Genre Update (3)

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Multiplayer is completely revamped. Queuing works, player identification works. This would allow so many more things to be possible. Imagine some actual active multiplayer game communities! That would bring a lot of players to flowlab and be a first.

Rotating labels, custom fonts, colouring labels, layering labels, and so much more. Ui would be so much better with this update, and grazer has already said that he is working on some of these.

My personal favourite. You can identify your games with a few genres and can now look into different tabs to find games that are trending, featured, and one’s that fit your genre specifications. Favouriting games would have a purpose. If you favourite more of a specific genre, then flowlab will recommend those.


I was kinda tied between 2 and 3 lol


I really want a multiplayer update lol

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I am the labelman. My labels are delicious.


nah, pixelpizza’s the labelman, his labels are delicious AND home made


Mine are just built different. Take a look at the Halo: Flowlab Evolved Multiplayer game cover for example:

Specifically examine the words that say “2D MULTIPLAYER”.

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I would say multiplayer, but I just feel that it wouldn’t be active enough for it to be taken advantage of.

The reason I chose Genre is that if we have an object as the label we can do all that stuff (But updating the label with these features would be amazing). Hopefully adding genre would make Flowlab more active, but I wouldn’t mind a label update


Yea, genres would also be cool, i voted multiplayer since it’d be interesting to screw around with