Night Springs: Plymouth Ent. Announcement

The upcoming 2D action-thriller game based of the comic series Night Springs is now currently in development! This is the account that will represent the Night Springs game, and is the account that the game will be developed on. In case you missed it, the teaser trailer has been released:

Project Breaker (Night Springs) Teaser

If you are awaiting more information, you can find more info on the Flowlab wiki under Plymouth Entertainment, here.

There is no official release date for the game, but we are hard at work on creating new systems - we are preparing development for an inventory system, light mechanics, and unique enemies. I will inform you now that a demo will be released once there is a strong foundation of gameplay, where you can test out the game and give us feedback. We are very excited for creating Night Springs, as this is a tribute game that is remaking a game comic into an actual playable game.
To say the least, the plot will follow as usual, but it is up to us to create gameplay scenarios, set pieces, animations, art (we are remaking ALL of the panel art), dialogue systems, and in-game lore.

Thank you for listening in, and keep an eye out,

keep the lights on,

and sleep tight…
It’s going to be a long night…


Plymouth Entertainment

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