Ninja Down [0.1] - Coolest Game I Ever Make (Maybe)

Ninja Down 0.1
New Stuff:

  • 3 Costumes.
  • 1 level ;_; ( will make more )
  • 4 kind of platform: Normal Platform, Spikes Platform, Falling Platform and Flag Platform

Future Mission:

  • More Level.
  • More Costume.
  • More Platform.
  • Dairy Level.


Thank for Playing!

P/S: 0.1.1: New Task Bar!


For not having been on here for very long… This is absolutely amazing! I loved it, and could definitely see this becoming something big in the following months/years if you don’t let go of it. Good on you; looking forward to more! =D

Hey, neat game, it’s very cute! I’m glad you’re planning on adding more to it, it has neat potential!
I like the minimalist artstyle you have as well, it works nicely! If I may, I’d like to give a quick art tip, it’d make things look even neater: try to keep the pixels on the same scale, if you make some pixels bigger than others on the same sprite, it tends to look a little wrong. I made a little diagram to show you what I mean, hope this helps, and I hope to see your game progress! it looks promising (:


Oh thank you so much!!!