No flowlab for the summer :(

Alright, school is over for me. That means I’ve already turned in my computer in. Without my school computer, I can’t do any gamedev on flowlab (unless i use mobile, or vr, both of which are h e double hockey sticks to use). I also won’t be able to make any digital art with my drawing pad.

I’ll still be on the forums though, since I installed it on my phone. I’ll make sure to be here every day and stay caught up with everything, but everything gamedev related to me will be on pause until I either get my own computer or till the start of the next school year.


I know what it’s like to wait 3 months to game dev again. My home laptop is laggier than my school one and it broke down. The one downgrades of summer.




Not sure of what to say or do other than attempting to help out
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