No Longer Deadly_Smile

I have wiped the smile off my face and replaced it with gum.
Why did I do this? Well because I want my username to be unique. So unique that my Flowlab profile shows up when you search up my name. Disappointingly “Deadly_Smile” has been used for so many things and I just didn’t like it. So now I am a DeadlyGumChewer.
Cool right


Darn, now I have to re-write the Last Stand credits.

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it’s ok deadly_smile is still a part of me lol

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You’ll have to change your bio as well.

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No because it’s still a part of me

Super cool, bro. Now you can learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Yeah my new name change worked! I searched up my new username and I only get Flowlab results and the first one is Cosmic Stranded too!

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You have a fnf entity game???

No that was Beheaded’s, I was just posting on there.

ok dokie

I’m just glad you aren’t a fnf nerd anymore



I still know a lot of FNF, canon-wise

I’m only human after all

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