Nobody likes it or me anyway
If you have a mobile device (preferably a tablet) may you please test this game? I want to know what to improve with these mobile controls. Thanks in advance.

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I tried the game

  • you can only skip the cutscene with a keyboard for a moblile game?
  • it needs a tutorial in game
  • the movement feels janky
  • good story!

Movement feels janky and the art isn’t very good

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what do you mean?

that’s a bruh moment i’ll fix that.

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It means that sliding doesn’t feel smooth, and it also makes no sense.

Swiping barely works, and it isn’t clear on controls.

I didn’t add swiping. Here are the mobile controls:

They are invisible during gameplay. To press each of these buttons you have to know where they are from the description.

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If your game was exported, there would be no description, so think of a better way to introduce controls.

Also, the swiping alone is janky, not working half of the time.

And the art to show controls can be very confusing, as the art is messy instead of simplistic.