"Noforce" - Game Updates

@Baron_Wasteland and I both really enjoy the hit 2015 macho masterpiece that is Broforce, so I took it upon myself, with his help, to recreate our own version of it’s gameplay in Flowlab

At the moment you can:

  • Move with WASD (or ZQSD)
    • Movement includes crouching and climbing ladders
  • Jump with Spacebar
  • Wall-Slide and Climb walls by holding space when sliding
  • Push certain blocks around like in Broforce
  • Use a zipline (kind of)
  • Shoot with J (will be changed)

Once I iron out the basics of the game, It’s going to be a player vs player local duel game, where each person will get to pick their character and run around the map trying to kill each other.

I’m also going to make a template character image that I’ll post here for people to suggest their own characters


holy shit this game is approved!


thank you obama

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Oh so when Barack Obama, a man who used drones for something bad approves your game you thank him. But when the cool funny geniunely nice guy Knuckles the Echidna does it, you question him and also seemingly dislike his good intentions.


That’s the joke, Baron is specifically mocking your “approval” from my last topic

please attempt to reduce your cringe


Why didn’t you specifically mention the drone strikes? My history teacher told me about US drones attacking Pakistani people randomly for fear of them allegedly being terrorists.

Same to you

I’m simply congratulating someone on his game in a way that I know he’ll appreciate. I don’t need your judgement


Aw, thanks babe

Ok but I can’t believe that we live in a world where Barack Obama is more respected than Knuckles the Echidna. Also good game Agent Y, I make gun platformers too.

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take it to the OTC, wise guy

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off-topic but what?!?

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Once again, Agent Y’s sarcasm is unnoticeable.

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I can tell why you and baron are friends, seems like you guys have similar personalities (Not saying it’s bad, just similar)

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We’re just based and redpilled :smirk:

How dare you.

redpilled? I don’t use social media so I don’t know many references, is that a matrix reference? (Referring to both you and Baron seeing the “truth”)
Also what does “Based” mean? Is it just another word for cool? (But not really because cool people don’t go around saying “I’m Cool”)

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Yes it’s a reference to matrix, and based is just the opposite of cringe. If something is based it means you think it’s good or true

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I’m based and redpilled as well.

Additionally, what is the objective of this game?