Normal Dialogue Example

So I noticed that sometimes new users or people that can’t figure it out, don’t know how to make Dialogue in their games (I don’t mean the auto typing one), so maybe this can help.

I don’t know if it can be useful but it works.

(Ik you guys are gonna say use one timer instead of 2 in the bundles when you check the game but I already worked hard on it so yeah.)


Update, I added a note on the first bundle to make something clear


I feel like all those bundles and labels are unneeded. Using “Text” is more efficient than having different labels. Using different labels also means you have to line up each one which can be hard.

Something like this is much more compact and uses a single label

(I’m not saying your example is bad, but it would be better if you replaced the alpha with a “Text” behavior, having all of them going into a single label)