Not keeping me signed in

It keeps me logged into the forums but if i ever close flowlab, it will sign me out, and yes i use remember me but it still doesnt even remember my was working fine till a month ago, maybe its becuase i have a school computer, idk


just never close flowlab. that’s what i do

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I’ve had issues trying to log back in when I switched my email over.
If you ever switched emails, it could have issues trying to switch over causing your account to log you out.

Although for me It was stay logged in, but once I logged out, I couldn’t log back in for some reason.

I haven’t experienced anything quite similar to what you have, but I would just make sure to keep the forums open so you don’t have to log in everytime.


I always have Flowlab open as well, Flowlabism is my new religion


I swap between my work computer and my home computer,
I’ve been noticing a lot more signing in as well.

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Same here, ever since the new update I keep having to sign in every time. Maybe the new update affected things?

the thing is no one knows about this so yeah, plus my parents dont let me play games

well tell people about it. it’s an educational coding website, not just games

i have, i have 2 freinds on here now

i told them about it in real life

I have the same bug too

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