Not Worth Dying 4 - OUT NOW! - Pixelpizza's Game

Hi everyone! Guess what? A new HSJ game is out now: Not Worth Dying 4!

Are you ready to defeat the evil forces and restore peace? :crossed_swords::shield:

Play it here:

Listen “Not Worth Dying 4” here:


you are incredible, legendary, outstanding, i cant find the words xD.


Words cannot explain how hyped I am to play this game!


Ayy @theglitch055
Ahahaha, Thank you so much! :blush: @ShadowGaming
I can’t wait for you to play it! :smile: @MetaNinja


Wow! im excited for this can’t wait to play it!

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PixelPizza’s games are always cool UwU, and the graphics are always outstanding

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Btw the character looks like the one in “stacey”


there always the same, its kinda a running thread

I think the character is supposed to represent Highschool Jacob. He appeared in Stacey and Die 4 You, and he is the music maker for the two games and this one.

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@MetaNinja @theglitch055 Ooooh I see

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Not Worth Dying 4 is out now!


Play it here:

Listen to “Not Worth Dying 4” here:

Have fun! :smile:

Keep in mind that this game is quite big, so that you may encounter performance issues on non-adequate devices.

Spoiler: Dungeons are randomly generated :wink:


WHooo!!! (20202020202020)

I Can’t Wait To Play! :sweat_smile:

2mins Pass By And Only This Shows Up image

YESSSSS I have been waiting a sleepless night

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*for a sleepless night to play lmao

  • It Loaded Fast!
  • It Loaded Slow :confused:
  • Never Loaded 8)

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Btw @PixelPizza how do you generate random dungeons?

Does’nt Seem To Be Load- :dizzy_face: image
Oh Come On!

I Don’t Know Why It Posted 2 Of The Same Comments Might Be A Bug