Note behavior and balloon tips

Note behavior:
A behavior to write some text, it can’t do anything. it would look like this:

And an idea to include notes in behavior bundles:

Notes become bigger when you write a new line. There should also be a maximum like 10 lines, else you get very long notes.

Balloon tips in behavior screen:
Short explanation what the behavior does:


The balloon tip shows when you hold your cursor on the button.

Dude, you are a master artist or something

Lol thanks :tongue: wasn’t really hard to do, I’m pretty good at making graphics and editing images.


but i think it would be better if u just put the mouse over the behaviour to show the baloon

So, basically the same thing as labels but are designed to help you remember what it’s Supposed to do, or explain why it’s needed to an outside person (such as a user looking at the behaviors)

I like that idea

Thanks for the suggestions @Latif3 - I have been wanting to add some sort of comment labels for a while, I just hadn’t really come up with a solution that I liked yet for the interface. I hadn’t really considered making comments their own behavior type like that, but I may play around with that idea a bit.

@PixelPizza Uhm… That’s exactly what it does. EDIT: Oh wait you mean the behavior, not the button. But that wouldn’t be useful because you have to add the behavior to see the balloon.

@grazer Would be really nice if you add it, it’s useful for new people in flowlab. You could make a sliding effect to the right when going with your cursor over the button, and increasing opacity starting from 0 to 100. When leaving the button the same effect but reversed. Should look nice, right?

What do you think about the note behavior by the way?