Notes and Waves: Reviews and Update Log

Wait? Is your game made for mobile too? Mine wasn’t intentionally since I made it on computer, but it seems to work great for phone so I just stuck with it, lol.

Yes that’s why I made it lol

By the way have you gotten to the secret level yet? Hehehehehehehe… Lol

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No, not yet. I just wanted to say that this is a war between the mobile games now, lol.
Although I have to actually play through the entire level since I just kinda die off after a few seconds and go on to the next level. Also that would be kinda cool it there was a loading bar or something on ever level telling you how much farther you have left to go.

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Good idea! I’ll think about it. Definently something I’ll try to add in the future.

If you can oneshot the boss level I’ll give you my account

Lol, anyways…
Made some improvements to the secret level boss…
Still looks cheesy but not as bad.

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Hmm… Let me just go in the editor real quick…


It won’t even count your run if you cheated.

I’m just kidding. Anyway I probably don’t have time today, but maybe sometime tomorrow, maybe during school (when I get my work done) I’ll give it a real good play.

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Lol ok thanks
Any other suggestions? I’m on the editor right now so any and all suggestions will be taken seriously

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Mh, I can’t really think up of anything unless I thoroughly play through the entire game then I might have some more suggestions. Until then I guess just patch up any bugs that you currently know of.

Also for the novice level the red ball goes in a circle, but he goes off screen. Not sure if its intended or just a bug, but I figured that I would say something.

I’ll count the poll results tomorrow, but

  • More levels
  • Graphics Improvements (not dimming)
  • Recourse Saving

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Yeah, a couple people said that but I don’t have that bug for some reason :confused:
Also a while back, I made it say your name in the level select area. Did it work?

The circle does disappear after the bass drops… Is that the confusion?

No, it literally would circle off screen and then come right back on, then disappears when the beat drops.

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Alright. This did happen once a while ago when I had a lag spike, could that be it? I legit haven’t had that problem otherwise.

No, I was on my computer so it shouldn’t have lagged, but it also happened to me before so idk.

Your name is down for the reviews. I’ll get it done when I get it done. I haven’t done the review yet, but just from an outsiders perspective I can tell you might want to tone down the lights a little. It really distracts from the main game.