Notes and Waves: Reviews and Update Log

Tell me what you think guys!
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I made this game for flowjam 2020. I got some reviews saying it reminded them of Undertale, some saying it’s a top-down geometry dash, and others saying it’s garbage.

@ManiacPumpkin @MetaNinja @browngr @Crigence @AbstractGallery @Johnny_boy @edwardi @todorrobot @Caden9

The game is pretty cool. I wish it was more like a randomized pattern based since some of the levels are just the same thing over and over again, you kinda just need to find the right spot and you pretty much win, if you’re a wussy like me.
The background gif is a little unbearable, but I’ll live, lol. Other than that the game is amazing and has great potential. I would actually like to see you finish this game and maybe bring out an endless mode that gets gradually harder as you play. At least I didn’t get to play the entire game, this is what I noticed.

Lol thanks, the problem with an endless mode is I’ll need endless music. As for the repeatedly stated issue of background brightness, I don’t understand how my game sucks cause of it but these are the scores of even more flashy games.

@rcreger @bitwit @Crigence @edwardi and @MetaNinja, I wouldn’t mind a review if you can spare the time please :slight_smile:

Well, i’m not sure about Just Shapes and Beats, but in geometry dash it was more fading lights instead of instant changing. Geometry dash kind of has a smooth transition between rough colors like a dark blue to a bright green. So it’s kind of easier on your eyes, but it has a somewhat quick transition, but just slow enough to not startle you. Also with the endless mode you could make a sound track that’s decently long but also able to loop so you won’t even notice it restarting.

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My game looks like a nightlight compared to this

Well, not exactly since the background (most of the screen) is a darker color and never actually changes throughout the game. The objects and stuff, yeah. The bullets are a brighter color to show better against the dark background. But the majority of the screen isn’t changing, like in your game with the gif. Since most of the screen there is constantly changing roughly between colors.
I don’t want to be rude since this is merely just my opinion, and I know you were probably looking for someone to back you up, but it’s just the background that’s really hard on the eyes.

Aight, but still.

I don’t even know how to make the lights not flash as hard, does somebody know?
Also, I still don’t understand why. It doesn’t hurt my eyes nor my friends. Is it just too confusing to watch because of the lights, or is the game hurting you somehow…?

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No, its mainly just the rough transition between the colors. And it’s not really hurting me, its just hard to actually focus on the game since you brain is trying to manipulate the colors that’s transition around you. Like I said if it was a smoother transition, maybe between darker colors, it might be a little easier.

What if I made the background lighter so the color change isn’t so big

That, might work. Tbh I don’t know much about stuff like that since I’m more of a dark screen user so I technically make my screen as dark as possible since it’s easier on my eyes, but it could not effect light screen users as much since they are kinda used to it.

That’s what I was thinking, but since this is a thing,

I was hesitant to say it lol.

Also, I just realized, all my friends that wanted it to be more flashy were lightmode users.

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If I have the time to do it, I’ll post my review of the game this weekend, first in my reviews discussion, then here.

Wow, it took me two days to realize I did a typo. XD

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Ok thanks
Also, I have a question for u guys

  • I use darkmode and I don’t like the lights
  • I use darkmode and I do like the lights
  • I use lightmode and I don’t like the lights
  • I use lightmode and I do like the lights

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New Gui.
The screen now pans and I added a new Spectrograph! Let me know what you think.
@Maniacpumpkin @MetaNinja @rcreger

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